Enter an unsigned Product Advertising API URL in the box below and click the Display Signed URL button. The String-To-Sign and Signed URL will be displayed below. If the unsigned URL does not contain a Timestamp, one will be generated and added to the request. Any AWSAccessKeyId or SubscriptionId in the request will be removed and the value provided above will be added to the request. If the URL already contains a Signature, it will be removed and re-computed. Line breaks in the URL are ignored.
Here is an sample unsigned URL you can use to get started with:
Unsigned URL:
Name-Value Pairs:
The query string has been split into it's constituent name-value pairs (one per line) and a timestamp has been added to the end.
Sorted Pairs:
The name-value pairs have been sorted according to byte-order and URL-encoded according to RFC 3986 as required by the Product Advertising API.
Signed URL:

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